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Our foundation brings two worlds together. We facilitate contact between Western Europe and Africa.

The members of our foundation are at home in both cultures, and command the English language as well as Portuguese. Our president Joaquim (Kinito) Van-Dúnem da Costa was born and raised in Angola. Our secretary Alex Cristovão, also Angolan, is a devoted Christian, and our treasurer Tony Oosterkamp, who is married to an Angolan, is planning to emigrate to Angola within a few years from where he can continue his work for our foundation.

The enthusiasm and energy with which we are tackling our new project 'Dutch school materials for Angola' is starting to reap its benefits. Together we join force, Dutch practicality and Angolan enthusiasm. Our motto is: O impossível é quase sempre quando nunca se tentou, nothing is impossible for those who try hard enough.

Contributions are gratefully accepted at bank account number 1450.70.735, please add: Stichting Holangola.

Stichting Holangola is member of Kamer van Koophandel Arnhem, registration number 09180874.

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